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Here is a sampling of the worldwide people we have received.

Ron and all of the staff at Refill Now!

This is the best hostel that i ever stayed in the 7 countries. The service is the top and the staff more than helpful. I think you can take out the "s" and make it hotel.

Thanks again
By  Davis Moses   On  18/01/2009
What a brilliant find! You make your all guest feel special and the luxury of staying here makes me want to come back again, and again!
Thank you all so much
By  Natasha  On  11/01/2009

Unfortunately, we have stayed here a very short time so we will come back again for this pretty, clean and best service Hostel I ever seen. Everyone is very nice, especially lucky and all other staff.

By  Burcu + Senda   On  19/11/2008