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Start from 11.00am- 9.00pm

We offer the best favorite dishes of Asian and European and Fusion- including Pad Thai (Thai fried rice noodle )
Tom Yum Kung Soup(Thai spicy shrimp soup), Pork Satay, (roasted pork cubes marinated in a blend of coconut milk,
spices & herbs, and served with spicy peanut butter sauce); Salmon Panang (salmon in moderately mild, flavorful,
creamy curry), Cheeseburger (served with freshly cut French Fries), Fish & Chip(deep fried red snapper and
double cooked home Fries), Bolognese Fettuccine (a plain rich pasta of meat sauce with fettuccine), Beef Salad,
(mixed salad of beefs, with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil), and Chef’s amazing dessert, Mango
Coconut Ice Cream & Sticky Rice, and many more things.

Appetizers Thai Favourites
Deep-fried Shrimps Wonton “Pad Thai”
Roasted Beef Salad Crispy Shrimp Cocktail. Saut?ed Ground Pork with Thai Basil
  " Seafood Green Curry"
Soup Thai Barbequed Chicken Leg, and “Som Tum,”
Onion Soup  
Chicken Soup International Specialties
“Tom Yum Koong,” Scallop Cream Soup. Broiled Chicken Leg
  Poached Salmon
Salad “Fish and Chip,”
Organic Greens salad Cheese Burger
Roast Beef Salad  
Thai Salad “Som Tum “ Sandwiches
Caesar Salad Roast Beef Sandwich
  Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Pasta Ham and Cheese Sandwich.
Fettuccini Bolognaise Sauce. Tuna Sandwich.
Thai Spicy Pork Sauce Fettuccini.  
Garlic Chicken with White Wine Sauce Fettuccini. Vegetarian
Seafood Pan-fried Fettuccini, “Pad Kee Mao” Style. Three Dipped , Battered Deep-fried Vegetable.
  Deep-fired Tofu
Asian Specialties Julienne of Vegetable Sandwich.
Thai Shrimp Fried Jasmine Rice.  
Thai Shrimp Fried Jasmine Rice. Dessert
Squid, Saut?ed Pepper and Basil with Rice. Mango, Coconut Ice-cream
GrilledChicken with indian biryanis Cold Fresh Fruits Sabayon.
“Panang Chicken” Poached Pear Vanilla Ice-cream.
“Panang Salmon,” Deep-fried Banana, Chocolate Sauce.
“Pork Satay ”